At Flatheim you can explore outdoor activities that bring you close to nature. Magnificent outdoor experiences, local flavors, fishing or cold-water swimming in the river. There are many reasons why you should visit Flatheim og Gaularfjellet.



At Flatheim you can explore outdoor activities that bring you close to nature. Magnificent outdoor experiences, local flavours, fishing or cold-water swimming in the river. There are many reasons why you should visit Flatheim og Gaularfjellet.

A bicycling ride along Gaularfjellet

& Coziness

Enjoying nature by bicycle is a unique experience. Pedal away until you get to Utsikten – the viewpoint at the top of Gaularfjellet. Make sure to stop and admire the many mountain lakes and waterfalls along the way. Perhaps you will go for a refreshing swim? Enjoy a homemade packed lunch by Gaularvassdraget, which is a protected river and waterfall.

Go swimming in the river

The sound of water
& River swimming

Going for a swim in the river is very refreshing. It is a perfect way to start the day or at your convenience. With a towel, a bathrobe, handknitted socks and a thermos with a hot drink prepared especially for you – a unique and refreshing swimming experience is guaranteed.

A walk along Fuglestien

& Waterfalls

Exploring the walking trail Fuglestien «Fuglar i Fosseheimen» takes you close to nature. Here you can learn about, and perhaps catch a glimpse of, the most common birds in our area. We have made several bird houses where the birds can build their nests. Along the path you can also see other animals or stop for a lunch break on one of the benches.


Mountain tops
& Walking trails

The hike to Storefjellet with its almost 1182 meters above sea level starts close to Flatheim. With a homemade packed lunch in your backpack and good hiking shoes, the reward the mountain has to offer is the magnificent panoramic view that awaits you when you reach the top. The walk is 7 km long. It is a T-marked foot trail meaning it has been marked with red T´s by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). Highly recommended!

The waterfall path “Fossestien”

The sound of water&
Walking trails

Fossestien is a hiking trail from Gaularfjellet to Viksdalen. It is 21 km and on the trial you pass 14 waterfalls and 7 lakes. You can start your trip straight from Flatheim and you can choose whether you want to go all the way or a part of it. Homemade packed lunch & picnic blanket we make ready for you.

Knausen 960 about sea level

& view

The trip to Knausen with its 960 meters above sea level is a bit shorter than the trip to Storefjellet. It also starts right by Flatheim and is a perfect half-day trip. From the top, your view is towards Flatheim while enjoying the home-made lunch package.

After Gaularfjellet experience

Rest &

After spending a day out in the mountains and fresh air, we serve hot soup with homemade bread. And of course we recommend something to drink from the local producer Balholm as a part of the meal. (Group booking)

Try your fishing luck

Fishing &
peaceful lifetime

It is possible to fish trout in the lakes and in the river in this area. You can buy fishing licenses from us. It is also possible to rent a boat or a canoe from Flatheim if you want a peaceful experience at the lake while fishing.


Gaularfjellet National Scenic Route


Utsikten at Gaularfjellet is one of the many magnificent viewpoints along the route. The viewpoint is located at the highest point of the ascent from Vetlefjorden and has a spectacular view over a lush and beautiful landscape. Riksveg 13 (Highway 13) is a winding road that takes you up through the steep mountainous landscape.



Fossestien is a marked walking trail that takes you from Gaularfjellet and down towards Gaularvassdraget, first in a mountainous landscape, then through forests and hills, and finally through pastures and tiny villages. It is an easy walk and is suitable for most people. It has a walking altitude of 500 meters and a walking distance of 21 km and. You can choose to walk the complete trail or only cover parts of it – whatever suits you.



Visit Ciderhuset in Balestrand. In Ciderhuset you can taste and purchase various types of local fruit drinks from Balholm. The production takes place in what used to be the village´s fruit storage building and is located 200 meters from Ciderhuset. The farm shop offers a variety of more than 30 types of locally produced fruit drinks. We recommend that you visit the farm restaurant which offers local flavours with a local personal twist.

The original Strynefjellsvegen

Jøl Bridge

Jøl Bru is a bridge situated on the route from Hjelledalen up towards Strynetfjellet. When the road over Strynefjellet became open all year round from the 1970s, the bridge was replaced with a new one, and the old bridge is now easy to miss as you drive along. But if you stop and get out of the car, you can enjoy the art of bridgebuilding up close. The bridge from 1883 is an impressive sight and the canyon it traverses is also spectacular in its own right.



The art village Balestrand is a charming place by the Sognefjord. Many
artists have left their “footprints” here through the time. The Emperor
Wilhelm II also had Balestrand as a favorite place. Here you can visit
the Norwegian Museum of Travel and Tourism, art exhibitions, do nice
hikes or have nice meal in a cozy cafe or restaurant.

Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg


Sunnfjord Museum

Located in Movika a bit north of Førde. Here you can learn about life in the inner Sunnfjord villages from early modern times until today. The museum has 32antiquarian buildings, open-air museum, exhibitions and shop.

Photo: Thomas Bickhardt BickFoto



An art installation at Gaularfjellet. Visit this well, which is a project by Marianne Heier and Norwegian Scenic Routes. You will find a well at Gaularfjellet and nine in Malavi.

Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg


Hestad Chapel

Hestad Chapel and Landscape Protection Area – The chapel is from 1805 with building parts from the Middle Ages. In order to preserve the special area surrounding the chapel, a protected landscape area has been established. At the chapel there is a picnic area with a unique toilet building that is adapted by the Norwegian Scenic Routes. There is also a nice beach by the chapel.

Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg


Take your job to Gaularfjellet

«Workation» on Flatheim

The mountain office is framed by beautiful nature and “after work” experiences are right outside the door.

A ski trip at lunch, ice swimming in the river following a trip in the hot tub, home-baked bread, silence – these are just some of the things you can expect at the work office.

Comfortable beds, river sounds and cockcrows.

Experience Norwegian country life.
From a farmyard perspective.